Friday, June 18, 2010

Tortillas, Guacamole, and Black Bean-Butternut Squash Four Ways: Chips & Dip, Nachos, Tacos, and Tostadas

The Bean and Squash Mixture, which plays an integral role in all of the subsequent iterations.

Chips, flavored with Sea Salt (L) and cumin (R), & Dips.

Dips: Black Bean Squash and Guacamole.

Nachos with Guacamole.

A nacho, close up.
Pre-baking and pre-soy-cheese.

Hard-shell Taco
Tostadas, garnished.

Tostadas, naked
My $0.03 Serrano Pepper. The cashier at the grocery story was really amused by this.

Recipe and Substitutions
I followed the Viva la Vegan! Black-Eyed-Butternut Tostadas Recipe, substituting Black Beans for the black Eyed Peas. I also followed the Viva la Vegan! The Only Guacamole Recipe I Ever Make Recipe, but was consternated by its lack of tomatoes(!) and didn't have any cilantro.

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